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The Story


The year is 1970. It has been three and a half years since Muhammad Ali was

stripped of his title. Convicted of draft evasion. Threatened with imprisonment.

Banned In all 50 states, he is unable to work in the field for which he had no equal.

The wide door on his illustrious career seems to be closing. But in Atlanta,

Georgia, an astute white businessman, a visionary black senator, and a progressive

Jewish mayor came together to make it possible for Ali to resume his amazing

boxing career.

Director's Thoughts 


Senator Leroy Johnson 1928-2019

Thank you to the late Senator Leroy Johnson for his contribution to Atlanta, the comeback of Ali and his support of our film. 


Featured TAlent

portrait of Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield

The Late Senator Leroy Johnson

Evander Holyfield

 Boxing Heavyweight Champion (5 times) 


Khalilah Ali

The Late Senator Leroy Johnson

Evander Holyfield

Wife of Muhammad Ali (1967-77)

Leroy Johnson

The Late Senator Leroy Johnson

The Late Senator Leroy Johnson

The Late Senator Leroy Johnson

Georgia State Senator (1963-75) 

More talent Featured In Film

  1.  Juan Carlos, Olympic Bronze Medalist (1968)
  2.  Idy, Uyoe, Sports Historian 
  3. Robert Kassel, Attorney. Boxing promoter 
  4. Andrew Young, Former UN Ambassador and Atlanta Mayor 
  5. Jim Brown, Athlete, Actor, Activist 
  6. Xerona Clayton, CEO and Founder, Trumpet Foundation
  7. Sam Massell, Atlanta Mayor (1970-74) 
  8. Bunnie Jackson-Ransom, Former Wife of Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson Cheryl Booker (Voice over, Vietnam era) 
  9. Michael Julian Bond, Atlanta Councilman and son of Julian Bond 
  10. Kathleen Quarry, Wife of Jerry Quarry 
  11. Jerry Quarry, Jr., Son of Jerry Quarry 
  12. Lynn Friedman, Head Usher at the Ali-Quarry Fight 
  13. Stan Sanders, Friend of Howard Bingham 
  14. Pee Wee Kirkland, Former Harlem Gangster 
  15. Margaret B. Ware, Personal Assistant to Sammy Davis, Jr. 
  16. Edwin Moses, Olympic Gold Medalist (1976-1984)


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